Military & Family Readiness Center


The RAF Alconbury Military and Family Readiness Center (M&FRC) offers a multitude of services aimed at improving the quality of life for all DoD ID card holders. The M&FRC is one part of the installation network that can support you and/or your family in a variety of areas to include: work and family life; personal finances; and deployments; exceptional family member family support, relocation and transition. Make the M&FRC one of your first stops upon arriving at your installation; our programs and services are an important resource for you and your family.​

Military & Family Life Counselors

Military & Family Life Counselors (MFLC) are contracted professional counselors who are available to provide non-medical short term, situational problem-solving counseling to Active Duty Service Members and their families. Services can be provided to individuals, couples, families, and groups. Services are confidential and private, except for duty-to-warn situations.

RAF Alconbury Adult MFLC Contact: 07880-640139
RAF Molesworth (AFRICOM) Contact: 07342-870880

Information and Referral

Information and referral is at the heart of everything we do at the M&FRC.  Whether you are new to the United Kingdom and/or the military in general – you may have questions about living overseas or about different base agencies. Information and referral services can help you identify and clarify needs, determine appropriate forms of assistance, and help locate needed services and programs available both on and off the installation. 

Relocation Assistance Program

The M&FRC’s goal is to ease the personal and family stressors military families experience with a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) by providing assistance with education throughout all phases of the relocation process. Newcomers Orientation, mandatory for active duty members and DoD civilians, is a daylong workshop in which representatives from several of the agencies that service the installation present information pertinent to those PCS’ing to the UK. Thriving in the UK is an abbreviated version of the Newcomers Orientation that family members and contractors are encouraged to attend if they are unable to attend the full day briefing. For those PCS’ing out of the UK, Smooth Move is an out-processing workshop where agencies involved in PCS’ing provide detailed information on what needs to be done prior to the move.

Looking for the most current information on moving tips or other military installations? Go to Military Installations and Plan My Move  for more info.



Transition Assistance

Transition Assistance provides retiring and separating military members, and their family members the tools and training required by the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) act of 2012 to make a successful transition from the military to civilian life.  The program consists of 3 mandatory phases beginning with Pre-separation counseling, which is recommended to be completed two years prior to retirement or one year prior to separation.  Phase two is the 5-day Transition GPS (Goals, Plan, Success) Workshop which includes the Department of Labor Employment Workshop and a comprehensive VA Benefits briefing to ease the transition to civilian life.  The final phase of the Transition Assistance Program is the Capstone where commanders and TAP counselors verify service members are ready for a successful transition.

There are also additional workshops that are offered: Career Planning and Exploration Track, SBA’s Boots to Business, and Accessing Higher Education. 

Career Planning and Exploration Track is a two day workshop supported by Department of Labor that includes an in-depth aptitude test and interest profile. It then covers how to select a technical training school and field. Once completed, participants will be prepared to complete an application to an accredited career technical training institution, schedule a session with a counselor from a career technical training institution, or meet individually with career technical training experts and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) vocational education counselors.

Boots to Business, facilitated by the Small Business Administration, offers information related to the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship for participants pursuing self-employment in the private or non-profit sectors and teaches the steps required for business ownership. Upon completion, service members will have developed the initial components of a business feasibility plan. 

Accessing Higher Education is for those pursuing higher education at a formal college or university. It focuses on topics such as how to achieve academic success, research and compare institutions, align education to career goals, and finance higher education. After completing the Accessing Higher Education Track, Service members will be prepared to complete an application to an accredited institution, schedule a session with a counselor from an academic institution, or meet individually with education counselors (as needed).

More information can be found at the DoD TAP website.

Department of Labor

Veterans Affairs

Boots to Business

Captsone Career Readiness Standards:

Individual Transition Plan v. 12-2

Military Occupational Crosswalk

12 Month Post-Separation Spending Plan

VMET Verification of Military Experience and Training (obtained from DoD TAP)

eBenefits Premium Account

DOL AJC Gold Card (received in the DOL Employment Workshop)

Department of Veteran Affairs
Department of Labor for veterans
My Next Move for veterans

Readiness and Deployment

Deployments, extended TDYs, and remote/unaccompanied assignments are synonymous with life in the military and present unique challenges for members and families.  Family Readiness prepares military members and families for separation through planning, education, and direct one-on-one support. Resources are available for military members and the whole family including deployment literature, children's activity books and much more! Sustainment and post-deployment reintegration support is offered to both the military member and to family members. Pre-deployment and reintegration consultations are held throughout the month, which spouses are highly encouraged to attend.

Personal Financial Readiness Program

This program offers information, education and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness and build resiliency. The M&FRC has a Personal Financial Counselor (PFC) on staff to help service members with financial topics such as budgeting, investing, and saving for retirement. Alongside one on ones, the PFC also offers workshops on Home Buying, Investing 101, Blended Retirement/Thrift Savings Plan, Insurance, and Financial Planning. 

Personal & Work Life

Personal & Work Life services promote community wellness and assist with the readiness and resiliency of the force across the life cycle. Services include intervention, prevention/enrichment consultation and skills building designed to enhance work/life competencies for individuals, couples and families. We also offer a wide-range of teambuilding and team strengthening workshops and activities. The focus of the Work/Life Program is on promoting, enriching and improving work/home balance, resulting in increased quality of life and resiliency.  Activities will be educational and offered through individual and group settings to meet identified community needs.



Air Force Aid Society

The Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) provides emergency financial assistance, educational assistance, and several community enhancement programs to active duty Air Force members, retirees, and their families. The M&FRC can also act as the liaison to our sister services, Army Emergency Relief, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance to ensure that service members from all branches are supported. AFAS Loans/Grants may be given for verifiable emergency situations including food, emergency travel, vehicle repair, rent, and the prevention of utility disconnection. The community programs offered at RAF Alconbury/Molesworth for AD Air Force to include; Car Care Because We Care, Childcare for PCS, and Child Care for Volunteers. We also offer a sister care program that offers Give Parents a Break, Bundles for Babies (AER DOES NOT to participate in the AFAS B4B program), and Heart Link (New Spouse Orientation) to all AD service members and their dependents.

For more information about the Air Force Aid Society and sister services: 

Air Force Aid Society

Army Emergency Relief 

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

Spouse Programs

Key Spouse Program

The Key Spouse Program is an official unit/family program designed to enhance readiness and establish a sense of Air Force community. It is a commander’s program that promotes partnerships with unit leadership, volunteer Key Spouses appointed by the commander, families, the M&FRC and other community/helping agencies.  The program has been standardized across the Air Force to address the needs of all military families with special emphasis on support to families across the deployment cycle. In order to find out who your Key Spouse is, contact the M&FRC!


Heart Link 
Our Heart Link Program is designed to strengthen military families and enhance mission readiness. Our goal is to educate spouses (especially those new to the Air Force family) and assist in their acclimation to the military environment, the program is open to any military spouse new to the Alconbury area. Heart Link includes orientation activities consisting of presentations from base agencies, and interaction with other spouses. By the end of the day, each spouse should walk away knowing they are an important and respected part of the Alconbury/Molesworth team!

Exceptional Family Member Program- Family Support (EFMP-FS)

The M&FRC has a full-time EFMP-FS Coordinator on staff. Over 115,000 family members are enrolled in the EFMP DoD-wide. Enrollment includes spouses, children, and other dependent family members with a diagnosed physical, intellectual, or emotional condition requiring special medical or educational services.

The EFMP-FS Coordinator provides non-clinical case management to military and DoD civilian families with an identified need. The EFMP-FS Coordinator provides information on qualifying conditions, enrollment/updating, military and community resources, educational services available, informative workshops on various topics involving special needs, assists with coordination of verifying that special needs can be met at gaining duty station, and providing contact information on EFMP-FS Coordinator at new duty station.

Military & Family Life Consultant Program (MFLC)

Military and Family Life Consultants (MFLC) are available to help active duty members and their families address issues such as deployment/reintegration support, marriage/relationship problems, stress, daily life struggles, etc. They are contracted professional counselors who are available to provide non-medical, short term, counseling to Service Members and their families.  Services can be provided on or off military installations, to individuals, couples, families and groups.  MFLCs are mandated reporters of child abuse, domestic abuse and other duty-to-warn situations.  Services are otherwise confidential and private.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the MFLC at one of the following numbers: +44 07766-623560 (Alconbury), +44 07748-255664 (Molesworth/AFRICOM), +44 07435-644569 (Child/Youth).

MFLC for RAF Alconbury: 07880-640139
MFLC for RAF Molesworth: 07342-870880
MFLC for AES: 07381 964 870
MFLC for CYB: 07384 887 954

Loan Locker

Items are available to Active military and DoD Civilians and their families moving in or out of the RAF Alconbury/RAF Molesworth community and those temporarily assigned here.  While you are waiting for your household goods- we have kitchen kits, GPS, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) lamps available for check out (free of charge). Contact the M&FRC in order to check availability.

Computer Resource Center

The computer resource center provides computers and a printer with Internet access for customers to use at any time during the computer resource center hours. Computers can be used for job search, resume writing, checking private e-mail accounts, online banking etc.  All computers offer internet access for family members and those not authorized to use the base network.

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