The School Liaison Office (SLO) is a community facilitator, connecting schools, families, and community services to address education issues impacting military-connected children. The SLO is the point of contact between the military installation, DoDEA schools, local British schools, Home School families, parents and the community at large. The SLO connects these different partners to promote educational excellence for American families stationed in the UK.

Alconbury Elementary School:
    DSN: 268-4360 or 01480-84-4360 

Alconbury Middle High School:
    DSN: 268-4400 or 01480-84-4400  


The option to home school is always available and is entirely up to the parent. No reimbursement is offered if they choose this option to educate since a DoDEA school is available in the area. However, homeschooled students may participate in some school activities and sports programs. For more information and requirements on participating in activities and programs please contact the Middle/High School Registrar at DSN 314-268-3769.

British Schools

Dependents of command sponsored personnel can enroll their children in local British schools. The system is a little different from US schools, but it affords children the opportunity to be immersed in the local culture and environment. Application to British school is done online at the council website.  The three most common councils for the two bases are the following: Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Peterborough.