Building 671
DSN: 268-4357
COMM: 01480-844357

M-W, & F: 9am – 3pm
TH: 1pm-5pm Passport Appointments Only
US Federal Holidays: Closed
Family Days: Closed

Military Personnel Office

The 423d Force Support Squadron Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) manages commander
programs for 423d Air Base Group and 501st Combat Support Wing Staff Agency. The mission
of the CSS is to provide high-quality support through the administration of commander
programs, in both peacetime and wartime, to commanders, Air Force members, and their
As additional services, the CSS also maintains passport agents for the Alconbury/Molesworth
community to obtain special issuance passports and a RAPIDS site for the production of ID
cards and updating of the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).


For CAC and dependent ID renewal. Our RAPIDS site operates on an appointment only
schedule. Please visit the ID Card Office Online for scheduling the appointment. Under
location, put “Alconbury” to look up the RAF Alconbury and RAF Molesworth RAPIDS sites.

Hours of Operation
M & F: 9am-12pm
T & W: 12pm -3pm
CAC Unlocks Only – No Appointment Required
M-W, & F: 9am-3pm
TH: 9:30am-3pm

Additional information about obtaining ID cards can be found at the website.
If you are unable to make an appointment with RAF Alconbury or RAF Molesworth, you can use
the same website to search for “Lakenheath” or “Mildenhall” to schedule appointments with our
sister sites.


By Appointment Only: Passport Appointment Scheduler
Tourist Passports
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide tourist passports here at RAF Alconbury or RAF
Molesworth. Please reach out to RAF Mildenhall or the U.S. Embassy in London to obtain your
tourist passport.

Official/No-Fee Passports

Under normal conditions, official and no-fee passports are processed within six to eight weeks.
Neither of these passports are used for leisure travel; they are for official travel only and are to
be used when entering the country where the sponsor is stationed, in conjunction with orders.
Official passports can only be obtained by members who are traveling to a country that requires
the passport in accordance with the electronic Foreign Clearance Guide. This is the default
passport for DOD civilians and their dependents assigned to the United Kingdom.
No-fee passports are issued to family members (U.S. citizens) of DOD Military that are on the
sponsor’s orders or command sponsored and are stationed overseas. Passport and visa
requirements may vary for non-U.S. citizens and for dual nationals traveling on non-U.S.
passports. Please check with your nearest host nation embassy or consulate to determine what
credentials are required for entry.

Special Issuance Passport Checklist

Exemption Vignette

Dependents of DOD Military members do not require a visa for their duration of time in the UK.
However, the exemption vignette acts as a visa for dependents (spouses and children under 21
years of age) and assists with off-base employment, UK schooling, renting UK property, UK
entry, etc. The vignette is free and will be placed in the no-fee passport or foreign passport. It
is not required but highly recommended for adult dependents.

Vignette Checklist

Newborn Baby Checklist